Phillip’s Story


In memory of our beloved son and brother, inspirational friend, polite nephew, and fun cousin.Philliip1

Phillip was born on a sunny Monday morning on September 28, 1992 in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. He was a healthy and happy baby, always eager to be in the center of family life. He spent many hours riding in a stroller in Vancouver with his grandma and hiking with his parents in the mountains of British Columbia. Scan-100920-0061

Phillip loved his teachers and classmates in the French Immersion class at Sperling Elementary in Burnaby. His multilingual skills started to develop early in life. He spoke Polish at home, French at school, and English everywhere else when he was 7 years old. To add to this multi-linguistic mosaic, Phillip started learning to speak Flemish language when he and his mom lived in Belgium.

When he came back from school on his first day of high school at Burnaby North in BC, he was asked what did he like the most about his new school. He said: “Nice girls and they taught me how to play poker!” That’s Phillip. Loved high school for interpersonal relations with people. His clever and sharp mind made him believe he could solve any problem in the universe.

Tupac picture

Tupac picture

Art and music were his passions. He could draw before he could write. When he was 5 years old he designed and drew out the entire pirate story that was displayed at Simon Fraser University Daycare center. He created a comic book in a flash or a simple animation movie in one afternoon. Designed the team logo on a sport day in 4th grade. Earned a Junior Art Award at Shadbolt Center for the Arts followed by a formal reception with the display of his art compiled over the years.

Remember Phillip with his headphones over his hears? Yup, he could feel the music as if it touched every particle of his body. Well, as a 7 year old boy, he could reproduce a music piece on the piano after his piano teacher played it for a bit. During piano lessons how could he be secretly exchanging Pokemon cards with his music classmates while seemingly ignoring the lesson and still be able reproduce the music piece almost correctly?

Fashion! Man, the guy knew how to dress! Phillip spent many moments making sure newpics 292everything on his body was presentable. That required many weekend afternoons cruising at Metrotown, H&M, Ed Hardy, Luis Vuitton, or J. Crew. Shopping all over the world.

At 16 years old, Phillip moved to the USA. First he lived in Salt Lake City, then near San Francisco. Making new friends came easily while continuing to inspire his new peers to wear fashionable clothes, listen to powerful music, and above all, encouraging people to think for themselves and not to follow the crowd.

Many friends have said that Phillip was an inspiration for them. Phillip accepted anyone despite their differences and challenges. Loved them. Period. Had a natural talent to make people laugh and enjoy life. He knew where the best parties in town were happening. Phillip felt very comfortable with anyone he had just met and made them feel equally comfortable.

Phillip moved back to Vancouver in January of 2013.

On May 19, 2013, the world lost Phillip.

As if he knew that it’s all about LOVE.






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